The Fashion Series

The Fashion Series revolves around Truly Winx, fashion designer wannabe. When her dreams are so close to coming true, she commits fashion fraud with her new frenemy, Jane Davis.


Fashion Fraud


Truly Winx only wants one thing in her life: to be a world famous fashion designer.

When she discovers her favorite designers are conducting a design competition with big prizes up for grabs, Truly knows she was destined to enter. The only problem is she can’t sew.

Desperate to make it in the industry, Truly somehow convinces the shy, intelligent Jane Davis to be her competition partner and sew her design into a real dress.

With her future at stake, Truly will go to any lengths to be a fashion designer. Even if that means committing the ultimate act of Fashion Fraud.

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Fashion Friends

Establishing your own business is not easy, which is exactly what Truly Winx and Jane Davis are discovering. They must prepare their fashion label for their launch or they’ll never get anywhere.

With wayward models to contend with, a sketchy and stressed owner to corral, and needing to name their new business, the girls definitely have their hands full.

But when Truly’s friends give her an ultimatum, she must decide who is really important to her and what she needs to do in order to succeed.

Find out how fashion designer extraordinaire Truly Winx is faring in part two of the Fashion Series.

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Fashion Finds

In the third part of the Fashion Series, Truly and Jane’s business is having some trouble. They have too many orders and not enough time or money to fill them.

Juggling the grim fact that she has fashion designer writer’s block, Truly is trying to keep her secret from her business partner. If she can’t design anymore, what will happen to her future?

Meanwhile, Jane has problems of her own trying to fill the orders and satisfy their customers. When it all comes to a head, they just might have to close down their business and let go of their dreams.

Find out if the girls have what it really takes to succeed in Fashion Finds.

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Fashion Faux Pas

The unthinkable has happened. The Fashion Council have discovered the fashion fraud and are threatening to close down the business.

Fashion designer Truly Winx and her business partner Jane Davis are devastated. As the truth comes out and unravels before their eyes, they beg the council for leniency.

Meanwhile, the girls have been invited to attend Paris Fashion Week. But unless they can get the fashion council to agree, they won’t be able to attend. And Truly is determined to make it.

Find out how it all ends in the final chapter of the Fashion Series where fashion fraud is a serious offence.

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