The Project Integrate Series

The Project Integrate Series follows Amery and Lochie as they deal with their relationship among the chaos of a government alien conspiracy.










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  • Zeina
    24 Nov 2013

    Just finished Unite. LOVED IT! Keep up the amazing work.

    • Jamie Campbell
      24 Nov 2013

      So happy to hear that Zeina!

  • Ana
    11 Jun 2014

    I just finish conquer and I LOVED IT. I loved them all I cant wait for Soar. I really really enjoy reading about Amery and Lochie’s relationship. .

  • Angelia
    13 Dec 2015

    I had planned to read a few chapters of Unite, but I loved it so much that i read the whole book in 5 hours! I can’t wait to purchase the rest to read!

    • Jamie Campbell
      14 Dec 2015

      Wow, Angelia, that’s quite a marathon read! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, it’s definitely one of my favourites.

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