This week was the inauguration of US President Barrack Obama. From the outside, it looked like a joyous opportunity for a country to celebrate their democracy. It was nice to see and got me thinking about all those brave enough to be a trailblazer. And yeah, I’ve kind of got a whole Hunger Games thing going on, it wasn’t planned, just a happy coincidence.

I read a quote once that said “The people who aren’t afraid to be themselves will always be remembered by everyone else”. I agree wholeheartedly. Think of all the most wonderful people in the world, what makes them wonderful? Every single one will have something that is unique to them, something they weren’t afraid to hide, something that perhaps wasn’t always welcome.

Ellen DeGeneres comes to mind above all. I love this woman. She’s funny, dances a lot, and above all is kind. Her uniqueness once caused her a great deal of pain. I imagine trying to stay in the closet and hide who you really are was heartbreakingly difficult. The decision to come out was probably even harder. But Ellen blazed a trail. She stood up when few others would and showed the world who she really was. She probably suffered a lot, both emotionally and career-wise. But her decision to embrace her uniqueness made her rise up and soar. Like she says, her haters were her motivators.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live every day with that attitude? To not be thrown down by those that try to pull you down, but use it to make yourself a stronger, better you? And wouldn’t that annoy the haters!? To learn from every criticism, to believe in yourself, and have faith in the good in people. And above all, stay positive in everything you do. It’s definitely not a bad philosophy.

When I see what Ellen has accomplished, it always makes me believe that your attitude and courage are the only things that define you. What you own, what you do for a living, what stupid mistakes you’ve made, they mean nothing. How you approach life, how you treat others, how generous you are, these are things that mean something.

So, I’m going to watch some cat videos, remember that haters are my motivators, watch Ellen, and get Tony to make me dance. Until next week, be kind to one another.

Who are your heroes? Share below.

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