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Enough About Love, How About Some Ghosts?

Running through my past few posts, I think I seriously need to change the topic. I’m not some love-sappy fool, what’s wrong with me? So, this week I started writing a new book and I am so excited about it. Don’t worry, I’ve still got all my other books...

What? Free Books? Ya-huh

This week I’ve teamed up with the awesome people I collaborated with for Through a Tangled Wood to give away books!   The competition is being hosted by Rafflecpoter. For your chance to win, just go here.   Or enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Singing A Song Of Love

This week, my new release Songbird is out. I haven’t really spoken about this book a great deal. But considering it is a love story, I thought it was perfect for a February release date. Songbird follows singer Brierly Wilcox who is about to embark on her comeback tour...

Love, Love, Love, Love

February is the month of love (I know, I’m throwing up a little at the thought too). But, greeting cards and flowers aside, I thought I would use the opportunity to reflect on my favourite couples. By far, my favourite are Amery and Lochie from the Project Integrate series....