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I recently saw Pitch Perfect at the cinemas. Starring Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, and Rebel Wilson, the movie was about a group of college students entering a choir competition. The problem was they were struggling against the leader’s fear of trying new songs.

I loved every minute of it. If you haven’t seen this movie, then go. Now. Seriously. It was the funniest, most inspirational, entertaining movie I’ve seen in a long time. I even think it might be my favourite for 2012. Big call, I know, but the year is now over so it can’t be topped.

It got me to thinking about my other favourite movies of all time. It’s kind of an eclectic bunch. They are – drum roll implied – The Sound of Music, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Once you’ve seen Pitch Perfect, do yourself a favour and watch these ones too.

Most people have probably heard about The Sound of Music and Pirates of the Caribbean. Both are huge movies with an epic feel to them. Both have brilliant characters, are visually stunning, and the story is perfect. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them.

But how about Jumpin’ Jack Flash? Five points if you’ve seen it. Whoopi Goldberg stars as she finds herself communicating with a spy in peril through her computer. She’s reeled into the spy world as she tries to help the guy with nothing but a Rolling Stone song lyric to assist her.

Made in 1986, this was before we all got hi-tech with the internet and gazillion gadgets. Our hero has to thwart the spies with just her ancient computer and her wits. It’s funny, gripping, entertaining, and a little romance is thrown in for good measure.

You could probably tell, but I don’t like dark and serious movies. I don’t want to be depressed when I go to the movies, I want to be uplifted. I love comedies, kid’s movies, and romance. A little action adventure is good too (I don’t care what the critics say, I loved Tomb Raider).

When I start a new film script, I always write the kind of movie I want to see. I want to entertain, I want to amuse, I want to inspire. I want people to leave my movie feeling happy and positive. That would be my dream. At the very least, I know there is one person who loves my movie.
Even if that person is me.

So, what are your favourite movies? Feel free to share below.

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