Angels Amongst Us

I’m currently writing a sequel to my novel A World Without Angels which will be released in the coming weeks. For a sneak peek, have a read here. Go on, I’ll wait for you.

The novel is about a dystopian society where all the guardian angels of the world are being killed off. Without angels, the demons start to take over and influence those on earth with their evil. One angel, my hero Jerome, takes it upon himself to do something about it.

I really enjoyed writing A World Without Angels. Not only because I truly believe in the existence of angels, but because I enjoyed researching their history and place in the world. They’ve been around forever in various forms and yet still get lumped in with fairy tales and folklore. I really don’t believe that’s where they belong.

I believe Angels are real, they walk amongst us and do whatever they can to assist us when we need it. I’ve lost count of how many stories I’ve heard or read about where someone has escaped something they shouldn’t have. Where appropriate, I’m sure they intervene. They’re also really good listeners (almost as good as my dog).

In my novel, I’ve made my angel more human and brought him to Earth for a purpose. His task is simple: save the world. Yet he’s going to find it anything but simple. Ah, the poor guy, I almost feel bad for giving him such a responsibility and then putting so many obstacles in his way. But, never fear, he’s not going to be doing it alone.

By the time I got to the end of A World Without Angels, I didn’t think I was done with Jerome. I knew there was more to his story so I changed the ending. I actually wrote three endings before deciding which one I was going with. Ultimately, it was the idea for the sequel that told me which one to use.

While I am writing the sequel, I’m delving even deeper into their history and loving it. Did you know Lucifer used to be an angel? A fun fact for you there. It’s amazing what you can learn if you look hard enough. Of course, don’t believe everything you read on the internet, I also read that leprechauns are real (but then again they might be, I’m not judging, don’t send me hate mail).

So as you go through life this week, listen hard for the flapping of a wing or the soft footsteps of someone walking with you. You never know, your angel might be closer than you think. Or it could just be a pigeon, watch out for them. Stalkers too.

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  • Mark
    20 Mar 2013

    It’s funny how Angels seem to be inhabiting my life, both in person and in my mind and that of others like tarot readers. My best friend has the last name Angel, and I’ve been told there are a couple watching over me and gently guiding me and my writing. And just recently I came across a phenomenal short film that was a delicious twist on Angels. Met the writer and director and it now looks like I will be contributing to that amazing projects.
    Yes, Angels are very real my friend. Look forward to the sequel. :-)

    • Jamie Campbell
      20 Mar 2013

      Great to hear it, Mark! I think they show you signs when you open yourself up to seeing them. I was lucky enough once to actually see an angel when I was a kid and it’s burned into my memory.

      Good luck with your project, I’d love to see the delicious twist.

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