A Hairy Tail

Last week my short story A Hairy Tail entered the Amazon Top 100 romance books for teens. I was so happy to see people enjoying this story.

For those living in a cave, you can read it here for kindle and here for all other formats. Go now so the rest of this post isn’t spoiled for you.

A Hairy Tail came about purely from the title. I was playing around with “Fairy Tale” in my head and it became “Hairy Tail.” I thought it was funny so I wrote it down and tried to imagine what a fairy tale about a hairy tail would look like.

All of a sudden, Hannah was in my head She needed a job for the summer and who couldn’t pass up the opportunity to volunteer with cute little puppy dogs? Obviously not Hannah, anyway.

And every fairy tale needs a handsome, charming prince. So Harry was born, the cute guy from the good side of the tracks with a heart as pure as gold. As dashing as he is kind, he swept our princess off her feet with one casting look her way.

So I had the princess and the prince, but every fairy tale also has a moral to the story. In steps Basil, the dog who longed to be reunited with his family, and all those other lost and homeless animals at the shelter. The moral? Be kind to your pets and be responsible.

Animal shelters are a responsibility for the entire community, not just for the few that volunteer their time or money to help out. Lost, injured, and abandoned animals should not be left to the few, but everyone should contribute to their welfare.

I urge everyone to do something, even if it’s something little. A few hours, a few packets of food, a few dollars, they all add up to something big when enough people contribute a little. Of course, you can contribute a lot, just like Hannah and Harry did. You never know, you might get your happily ever after too.

UPDATE: Thank you for all the kind comments you have sent me about A Hairy Tail. I have decided to make it into a series. So look out for the next instalment of Hannah and Harry and see what they get up to.

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