A Few Angels

A World Without Angels was released three weeks ago, something that made me very happy. More than anything, I love the fact that people are reading and enjoying my books.

The idea for A World Without Angels was rattling around in my head for the longest time. I wasn’t sure whether it was going to end up as a book or screenplay. I just had this image of an angel, fresh from battle. As he walked, the feathers from his wings were floating to the ground. But they weren’t just ordinary feathers, they were soaked in his blood.

That image became the opening line of the book. It’s all I had to start with. I knew there was going to be a war between the angels and demons – hence the battle. I didn’t know who Leila was going to be or what else would happen. I just had to write about this poor battle-weary angel.

This picture has nothing to do with the book, but how cool is it? Source: Photobucket.

Eventually I did work it all out (obviously), but when I think of the book I still picture that first image. It doesn’t tell me a thousand words, it tells me seventy-five thousand. It’s kind of funny how we can associate a single image with something. When I think of The Hunger Games, I think of the Mockingjay symbol (clever marketing perhaps?). When I think of Harry Potter, I imagine Harry with his glasses and forehead scar. It only takes one image to be burned into your mind and you’ll never forget it.

So I hope everyone is enjoying A World Without Angels. The sequel is coming soon – I’ve drafted it. Once it has been fully edited, I will release it. Look out for it around July 2013. In the meantime, make sure to check out the prequel.

If you have a favourite part of the book, make sure to tell me about it below.

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  • Karen
    20 May 2013

    I can’t wait for the Sequel! I should have read book 1 slower hahaa oh well, i’ll just have to read it again :-)

    My fav part …..
    When Jerome pulls the sword out of the caves roof and the water threatens to kill both Jerome and Leila. The action and suspense of if they will make it is written perfectly. I was practically holding my breath for them both!

    • Jamie Campbell
      22 May 2013

      I liked the cave part too :-) Wasn’t entirely sure what was going to happen in that scene, but I’m glad it came out okay.

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