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A few weeks ago I had the privilege of spending the entire weekend at Supanova – the Australian equivalent of Comic Con in the US.

What I love about these pop culture festivals is how happy it makes everyone. The majority of people came dressed as their favourite characters – both live action and anime. They come with their friends and just have fun for the weekend.

There is no judging, no making fun of anyone, everyone is comfortable in their costumes, it’s an all accepting extravaganza.

I saw all sorts of characters, heaps of Katniss Everdeen’s, a few Sookies from True Blood, lots of Jokers from Batman (the Heath Ledger version – of course). Plus, there were the weird ones too, the zombies, the slasher victims, and some I could honestly say I have no idea who or what they were supposed to be. Oh yeah, and the Hoff was there – the real one and the fake one.

Every year there seems to be the same guy walking around like the grim reaper with a sign around his neck saying “Free Hugs”. I’ve hugged that guy and he gives good hugs. If you see him, make sure to take him up on the offer.

So, as I was standing there watching the world (and out of this world) go past, I made a new goal. I want to write something that will inspire people to dress like my characters at a pop culture festival. I want to see my characters walking around and the people wearing the costumes as happy as all the Katnisses. That’s my goal.

With that in mind, I’m creating a character that you have to fall in love with and become obsessed about. It’s going to happen, watch this space.

Oh, and Barbara Eden said hello to me. Yep, Jeannie, said hi. To me. That actually happened. In real life. Like, seriously. We’re totally BFF’s now.

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