Dark Eyes: Cursed

This week, Dark Eyes: Cursed is released – yeah! I am so excited to be sharing the story of Ariel and Gabe with you. We got a taste of them in the short story (which you can read here) and now we can see their journey in full.

This book is purely a result of all you lovely people asking for more. I originally wrote the short story with no intention of doing anything more with it. If it wasn’t for your kind emails and comments, it would have stayed that way.

So what started off as a small urban legend, delegated to the dark depths of the internet, had to become a full story. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure how that was going to go. But I stuck with it, thinking up all kinds of reasons behind Gabe’s curse and what Ariel could do to get her beloved back.

What flourished from there was one girl’s pursuit of the cure to break the curse and get back the guy she was in love with. What I most admire about Ariel is her determination, against all odds, to follow her heart. She is fearless in her quest and just knows she is supposed to be with Gabe. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find someone like that? To be so certain? To love with all your heart without doubt?

So as we count down the days (June 22 if you’re anxious to get started), I cross my fingers and hope you can get swept away in what is essentially a love story. Because when you find your soul mate, you’ll do anything to fight for them.

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