Love a book? Tell Someone!

I get a lot of wonderful emails that make me grin from ear to ear from readers. They make my heart swell and remind me why I’m travelling this often rocky road of writing. I appreciate each and every one – I even keep them in a special folder so I can read them whenever I need a pick me up.

To actually take the time and expend the energy needed to email me means so much. I truly do want to thank everyone who goes to the effort. Without my readers, I’m just a person sitting in an empty room making up stuff and stringing words together. I would still do it without readers, but it sure does make it less creepy.

The next best thing for any writer is receiving positive reviews on their book. It’s a public declaration that they’ve enjoyed the book (or didn’t – in some cases). However, not many people leave reviews (on places such as Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Goodreads etc). It is estimated that only 0.006% of people leave reviews. That is a teeny-tiny proportion.

As a result, a book with only a few reviews can look like nobody is reading it. Which is quite often not the case. At the time of writing this, my book “A Hairy Tail” has been purchased over five thousand times, yet it only has 33 reviews. And it’s my most reviewed book.

So, do an author a favour, if you like a book then tell the world why. Let other people know how much you enjoyed it and the reasons. Not only will it make the author’s day, but you will be having a positive effect on their career.

Likewise, if you don’t like a book, then make sure you state the reasons why. Give anyone reading it a valid reason to believe you. Don’t attack the author personally, make sure it’s about the book. The fact an author chose a 12 point font instead of an 11 point is not a good reason to hate a book (true story – don’t laugh).

And above all else, please, please, please, don’t give away plot points. You don’t want to ruin the book for others, even if you didn’t like it. Like any form of art, writing is subjective. Remember, everyone is entitled to an opinion but everyone is also entitled to be surprised.

So if you liked any of my books, please tell someone and leave a review.

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