Hoarding Books

What is the greatest thing about eReaders? Go on, think about it for a minute. Is it the fact that you can instantly have hundreds of books at your fingertip? The way you can slip it into your purse for an emergency? Yes, yes, but no.

The greatest thing about eReaders is that you can hide your book hoarding from all those prying eyes. Nobody ever needs to know how many books you have collected, both read and unread. I am guilty of this, I can’t deny it any longer.

My physical bookcases are overloaded with books. Now and then I try to cull the collection, donating anything that I didn’t like or don’t feel emotionally attached to. But that is the minority, they are soon replaced with pages of adventures and drama, romance and the paranormal.

My kindle, however, never needs to be cleaned out. I easily have a couple of hundred books on it and it’s not even near capacity. I will probably never get around to reading half of them, but the promise is there.

I get emails every day with free books, discounted books, and new releases. When it’s just as simple as clicking on a button to download them, what’s a girl to do? Of course I have to click through, of course I have to make the purchase. The covers are just so enticing, the blurb so interesting. Sigh.

So nobody has to know my dirty little secret that I really am a book hoarder. I will continue to hide it with my eReader while keeping my bookcases neat and tidy. I doubt I will ever be cured.

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  • Teresa
    15 Jul 2013

    I also am a secret book hoarder! There I’ve said it! Whew! That was tough! I just sat here for a few deciding if I’d leave you hanging by yourself OR if I would finally fess up. My conscience won…I could not leave you out on a limb!

    I have over 10,000 book on my iPad. I store them in my free cloud reader. It is not even half full yet! Can you imagine how many more books I can get still before it is full? Plus I have 500 on the iPad for reading moods!

    I thought I would share in your moment of truth. Finally saying it out loud and someone now knows is a little frightful! But…

    I am a book hoarder!
    Yes I am!
    I am a book hoarder

    Thank you,

    • Jamie Campbell
      15 Jul 2013

      Thank you Teresa, glad to hear I’m not alone. Maybe we should start a support group?

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