Leading Men

When I read a book, I want the leading man to be strong and kind. He has to be handsome, but quirky, treat the leading woman right, but know when to break the rules. Am I asking for too much? Maybe. Are those kind of men really out there? I hope so.

When I write a book, I always write the kind of man that I think would be interesting to have a conversation with. He needs to be complex and nice, but above all, charming. They are normally a mixture of all kinds of people I’ve known or would like to know.

Warning: Gushing ahead. My favourite leading man is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. Besides the obvious reasons why (have you seen the TV series? Need I say more?), I love Damon because he’s got multiple layers. He’s always having an internal struggle with himself.

I know who i'd choose.

While fighting to stay good for the love of his life, he finds himself having to make tough decisions that will cost him personally but be for the greater good. If there is someone that has to do the wrong thing, then it has to be him. So even while being bad, he’s actually doing good.

This type of character isn’t your regular Romeo. He’s not the knight in shining armour that races in and sweeps the princess off her feet. But he’s so much better. I would rather obsess over a guy that is interesting rather than just pretty.

I’ve recently been writing a character named Lochie. He drives my leading lady nuts, absolutely infuriates her with his constant arguing. Yet he’s always there for her, he’s the only one who can make her smile when she’s having a bad day, and he fights because he cares. He’s my new obsession.

Who is your favourite leading man and why? Are you team Damon or Team Stefan? Feel free to share below.

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