Beta Readers Wanted

What is a beta reader, I hear you ask? Humour me, I don’t want to think I’m hearing things. There’s enough weird stuff going on in my imagination.

A beta reader is a wonderful person who reads a book before it is released. In exchange for getting a free book to read, they give feedback to the author. The feedback can be about the characters, the story, what they liked, what they didn’t. Specific examples are also highly recommended.

So far, my beta readers have consisted of friends and family. However, I think it’s time I branched out and asked my fans if they would like to join the Jamie Campbell Team.

So, if you love books, here’s a bit more information:

- You would be given a free copy of an unreleased novel. This will usually either be in mobi or epub format (depending on what works for you).

- The novel must not be given to anyone else to read. If someone else wants to read it, they’ll need to apply to be a beta reader too.

- There will normally be a timeframe where I need the feedback. I will normally try to allow a month for you to read the book.

- Once read, you would supply your feedback and thoughts on the book. Some comments might be good, some might be bad. Whatever you think, I need to know.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact me. For the first run, I will be limiting the beta readers to ten but preference will be given to anyone else for the next round.

I look forward to welcoming you to Team Jamie Campbell.

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