Bursting With Excitement

I am so excited this week that I couldn’t possible talk about anything else. Seriously, I’ve been bugging everyone around me for days. Sorry everyone!

So why am I so excited? For the past five months I’ve been working on a trilogy and this week I finished the first draft of the last book. Which means I can start the process of getting it out to my wonderful readers.


I finished the last book on Monday night and, for all of Tuesday, I was sad. You see, I have absolutely fallen in love with my two main characters. I’ve been with them for the past five months and they have kept my brain amused that entire time. When I wrote the last line, I was done with their story and that made me sad.

Which then got me thinking… maybe it’s not a trilogy, maybe it’s a four book series? Hmmm. I’m still considering it because I love these guys so much I could write about them for four, five, six, seven books. Seriously, I’m obsessed with Amery and Lochie.

So my trilogy (or series? Teehee) is about an alien living on Earth as a human. She suffers the same ups and downs as any teenager, but with the added bonus of being different from everyone else. Oh, and there’s this guy who she absolutely can’t stand but is strangely attracted to. And he’s gorgeous.

So, I have started my countdown clock (look to your right) and am now working like crazy to meet my deadline of having the books out to you. I seriously cannot wait to share these books with you because if you enjoy reading them half as much as I did writing them, it will be more fun than partying like it’s 1999.

Stay tuned for more announcements on this series, including titles and cover reveals. This is going to be… wait for it… epic.

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