How To Know You’re Alive

No book is complete without the main character’s heart racing or beating so hard in their chest their ribs might break – especially in romances. It got me starting to wonder, what is your heart racing moment?

For me, my heart tends to pound in fear or panic more than falling in love (insert sighs of pity here). You know, like in times when the phone rings in the middle of the night. It can only be bad news, but just how bad will it be? How is your life about to change after answering that call? Guaranteed heart racing moment.

Or when I’m about to do a presentation in front of people, when I have to make a phone call I don’t want to, when I’ve just escaped a car accident by the skin of my teeth. All worthy of making my heart go pitter-patter-boom.

For my characters, I prefer to give them better moments to make their blood thunder through their veins. I enjoy the moment when they first fall in love with their soul mate, when someone does something incredibly nice for them and they are overwhelmed with adoration, when that sexy crush takes his shirt off. Those are the moments far better to make your pulse speed up.

So what makes your heart earn its keep? Go on, comment below and make me jealous. By the way, I’m single, so if you have a friend of a friend…

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