Advance Review Copies Now Available

Imagine this: aliens have been living amongst us for seventeen years. Integrated into the community, they have been blending in for all this time. Once you know about them, what do you do? Panic? Laugh? A weird kind of nervous giggle? All of the above?

I don’t know how I would react, to be honest. If they have been here for so long, I take it they wouldn’t want to eat me so they are probably safe. However, it would depend on how they were introduced to the human race, right?

These important (and probably inevitable – the truth is out there, Scully!) issues are covered in my Project Integrate Series. These three books will be released on 3 December 2013. Check the countdown clock on your right to see how far away that is and then countdown the sleeps every day. No? Oh, that must just be me…

With the first book completely finished and ready to roll, I now have copies away for pre-release review. So if you have a book review blog, active on Goodreads, and post your reviews to places such as Amazon, B&N, iBooks etc, then you are eligible for a free copy.

In exchange for the pre-release copy, you provide an honest review of the book and post it on all sites as soon as it is released (or prior to, where possible).

If this is you, please contact me to obtain your copy. Please ensure your details about where you post your reviews are included in the form.

The aliens are coming, people! Get excited! Woot woot! Okay, I need a nap now.

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