New Release Update

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to let you know of some new releases over the last few weeks. I know, slack huh? I’ll go stand in the corner as punishment.

A Hairy Tail 4

I mentioned this a week or so ago. A Hairy Tail 4, the last instalment in the Hairy Tail Series is now out. Read it here for kindle and here for all other formats to see how it all ends. Also available at B&N and the iStore.

A Hairy Tail Collection

I have combined all the Hairy Tail Series into one convenient location. You can save money on the set by purchasing the collection as a whole. You can grab it here for all formats.

It will also be available on Amazon shortly, I’m waiting for the bots to load it. You will also be able to purchase it as a paperback too once I click all the right buttons.

Dark Eyes: Cursed

Initially only available on kindle, Dark Eyes: Cursed is now available for all other formats. I know some of you have been waiting three months for this, so thank you for your patience. You can grab your copy here, and it is still available here for the kindle. Also available at B&N and the iStore.

Aron Angels Series

The Aron Angels Series, A World Without Angels, and Angel’s Uprising will be available for all formats on 11 October 2013. Again, I’m sorry to those that have had to wait for this because they don’t have a kindle.

You can pre-order your copy here  and here or check B&N and iBooks to ensure your copy on release day.

Phew, I think that’s it for now. Make sure to join the mailing list (see the box on your right side) to stay ahead of all new releases. There is a lot more coming, so don’t miss out.

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