My Feet Hate Me

This week, I’m suffering with sore feet. There is literally no skin on the back of my heels. None. Whatsoever. In its place is a red raw patch that screams at me whenever I walk. All this from wearing shoes that were so pretty but so didn’t return my love.

Okay, so you get the hint why my feet hate me. On the plus side (because I love silver linings), I have had some time to sit down and write. And with the added bonus of giving my feet time to heal, there was no reason for me to move from my writing room.

I love starting new stories. Every time, I get a thrill of excitement because it’s something new that could go anywhere. This week, I started on a new novella series called “Star Kissed”.

It doesn't get cuter than kissing animals. Right?

The story is going to be a four-part serial centred around sixteen year old Melrose. Working at a fast food restaurant, little did she know the biggest star on the planet would enter her life… and her heart. All together with me: Awwwww.

So I’ve fallen in love with Melrose, who has a bit of an attitude, as she goes on her journey with the superstar Cole. I’ve already finished book one and have moved onto book two because I can’t put them down. And I needed an excuse to sit down without walking anywhere.

I have scheduled the Star Kissed series to be released in January 2014 so it won’t be too long before I can share Melrose’s story with you. Stay tuned, and remember to sign up to the mailing list (look for the box on your right) so you don’t miss the release. Book 1 will be free to download (yeah, freebie!).

Until then, remember not to take your feet for granted. And don’t wear shoes for their aesthetics, learn from me and wear them for their comfort. Otherwise, your feet will hate you too.

P.S. I love pretty shoes and will wear them again. I’ll just Band-Aid up first.

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