Only in your Wildest Imagination

One of the greatest things I love about being a writer is being able to allow my imagination to run on a rampage.

Sometimes I can be out somewhere and some absurd thought will come to me – like what would happen if a time traveller suddenly appeared in the middle of the supermarket, or if a UFO landed on the highway. Instead of having to dismiss the thought as ridiculous, I get to think it through. Sometimes it turns into a book.

To me, an imagination is a gift. It allows you to entertain yourself when you’re bored, makes the world into a magical place, and gets you thinking outside the box. I wouldn’t want to ever be without one.

So, being a writer lets me think of crazy things and not be committed to an asylum. I challenge everyone to let their imagination run wild and see what happens. If great inventors hadn’t done it, we wouldn’t have lights or technology, and we’d be eating boiled potatoes. Go on, have some fun.

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