The Star Kissed Series

It is finally here, the Star Kissed Series! The idea for Melrose and Cole came to me in the shower Рwhere inspiration always hits. Most of the time the ideas are forgotten before I leave the shower, but not this one. It stuck greater than glue.

Soooo, Star Kissed? What’s that about? It’s about little Melrose Morgan, the burger joint chick who literally runs into her biggest superstar crush, Cole Newton.

As one-fifth of the boy band Two Dimension, Cole is the hottest thing on the planet. And he falls in love with our little Melrose.

Living out every girl’s fantasy, Melrose dives into the world of superstardom. But of course, the road is a little bumpy.

A collection of 4 novelettes, the Star Kissed Series is a fun read full of adventure, reality, and of course, love. Get all 4 books now.

Get them here for your kindle and here for all other formats (Star Struck is currently FREE!)

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  • Annanya Priyadarshini
    01 Feb 2014

    I read star struck, and it was such an amazing read! I’ll try to get the full series online, because it isn’t available in my local book store.
    Thank you for the awesome story…


    • Jamie Campbell
      02 Feb 2014

      Hi Anya, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! You are certainly most welcome :-)

      Love, Jamie

  • Stacey
    03 Mar 2014

    Stumbled across Star Struck free on iTunes and have since read the whole series. Am totally in love with Cole and hope you write another story about him and Melrose after she finishes school.

    • Jamie Campbell
      03 Mar 2014

      Hi Stacey, it makes me so happy to know you enjoyed their story. I wasn’t thinking about continuing the series, but I might start thinking about it now :-)

      • Tessie
        08 Jan 2015

        That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for couritbnting.

  • Sophia
    23 Sep 2014

    I just finished the star kissed series and I absolutely fell in love. Please, please, please you have to write another series with Melrose and Cole !

  • Paniah Adams
    11 Jun 2015

    Hi Jamie

    I absolutely LOVE Star Struck Series!!!!
    Please write another series..

    your books are the first books that have gotten me to sit down and read them i read the whole series in just 1 day.

    I really want to continue reading about Cole and Melrose.

    • Jamie Campbell
      12 Jun 2015

      Hi Paniah, I’m so glad you loved the series! I had a lot of fun writing them. I’ll let you in on a little secret, there may be some more Cole and Melrose coming in the near future. Stay tuned!

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