You Give Me Love

Ever since the Project Integrate series of Ignite, Unite, Divide, and Conquer was released in early December, I have been inundated with kind words from my readers.

I always love hearing from you and listening to what you thought about my books. For this series, it seems you guys have embraced Amery and Lochie as much as I have. These two characters are my favourite couple so it means a lot that you love them too.

The question I keep getting asked is when is the next Project Integrate book coming out? Book 4 is called Soar and will be out sometime this year. At the moment, I am aiming for around July/August.

The good news is that I have started Soar. This is an extract from my planning notes:

As you can see, all the gang is back for Soar and will be getting into more alien trouble. By far, this had been my favourite series to write. I sit there, grinning like a fool, every time I have to write a scene between Amery and Lochie. If nothing else, it keeps me out of trouble.

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