Enough About Love, How About Some Ghosts?

Running through my past few posts, I think I seriously need to change the topic. I’m not some love-sappy fool, what’s wrong with me?

So, this week I started writing a new book and I am so excited about it. Don’t worry, I’ve still got all my other books on the go (I’m currently working on six). Soar will still be released this year for all those wonderful Project Integrate members.

This book is different, it’s darker and moodier. My main character, Everly, is struggling to live in a world that has suffered a major catastrophic event. The entire world is on the verge of being destroyed and she must overcome her greatest fear in order to protect what little she has.

This is how I imagine Everly's World

I am obsessed with Everly because she is so broken but there is a strength hiding inside her that needs to rise up. When the fear of doing nothing is greater than the fear of doing something, she will do what she has to. I have faith in her.

This book will probably be out sometime next year. It hasn’t made it onto my release schedule yet because that’s already 12 months long. And I can’t think that far ahead or my brain will explode. Until then, Everly is all mine as she tells me her story.

So, that’s what’s going on with me right now. I’m writing like crazy and giggling like a lunatic because I love all my current WIPs. I hope you’re having just as much fun.

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