Love, Love, Love, Love

February is the month of love (I know, I’m throwing up a little at the thought too). But, greeting cards and flowers aside, I thought I would use the opportunity to reflect on my favourite couples.

By far, my favourite are Amery and Lochie from the Project Integrate series. They have this weird love/hate thing going on yet somehow are glued together and unable to extract themselves from one another. I love that they care so much that they can argue over everything and then still snuggle up together afterwards. Plus, Lochie is hot (you should see the cover for Soar. Oh. My. God. H.O.T.)

Another of my couples at the top of my list are Hannah and Harry from A Hairy Tail. They are so young and so sweet together. Their romance was a natural progression from two shy little teenagers. Neither of them knew what they were doing and I love that they worked it out together. Puppies and Harry? Who wouldn’t want to volunteer at the Mapleton Animal Shelter?

Third on my list is a couple from a book that hasn’t been released yet. Their names are Ben and Ava and are the quirkiest couple you could ever find. They were once childhood sweethearts and have found one another again after many years. They have a unique bond that I know is absolutely true love (Agree, Miss Kourtney???).

To round off my list, it has to be Jerome and Leila from the Aron Angels series. Their love transgressed human/angel barriers. They tried to resist it but ultimately couldn’t. When you know, you know. Jerome has sacrificed the most for love out of everyone on this list.

Some honourable mentions (because I love all my couples to bits):

- Ariel and Gabe from Dark Eyes: Cursed.

- Melrose and Cole from Star Kissed.

- Charlie and Blair from Gifted.

- Hmmm. Perhaps not Jasmine and Caleb from Ashes to Ashes.

- Lola and Asher from the Project Integrate series.

- Veronica and Lucas from A Hairy Tail.

Whoever your favourite couples are, I hope you get lost in their story and remember that true love can happen (or so I’m told).

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