Everybody Lies


In a little under two weeks, my next book Liar will be released. I’m really excited to share this story with you because it was one I loved writing. 

Liar revolves around Amelia, a girl in her mid-twenties. She hates the world in general and is the most jaded character I have ever met. The reason? Ah, the reason.

Amelia cannot be lied to. If you speak with her, she will hear the truth no matter what you say. Now think about how you would feel if you knew every truth someone lied to you. That time when that guy said ‘I’ll call you’? She would have heard ‘I’m not going to call you’. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

So Amelia tends to shut out the world and protect herself from the truth. Yet all that changes when she hears someone confess to a crime they did not commit. With the police closing the case, only she knows the real killer is out there somewhere.

Amelia somehow manages to convince Detective Leo Michaels to look into the investigation again. The deal? She has to help him. Together, they team up to find the real child killer before it’s too late.


A perfect example.

Liar was fun to write because it’s true – everyone lies. What would you say if you knew someone could hear every one of your truths?

 Stay tuned for the release of Liar on 19 April.

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