Something Awesome is Coming

This week has been madness so unfortunately no new blog post. I know, I’m so slack.

However, I did want to mention that something is coming this weekend that I am so excited about. What is it you ask? Well, it is the cover reveal for Project Integrate #4 – Soar!

And what makes it so special? Gosh, what’s with all the questions today? It’s special because Amery isn’t the only one on the cover. That’s right ladies, you get your first look at LOCHIE!!!

Okay, so I’m probably way more excited about this than anyone else. But gosh, it’s Lochie. Enough said, right? I can see him on my screen right now and… wow. You won’t be disappointed.

So tune back in over the weekend for a sneak peak. Also, make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter to catch your first glimpse (links at the top of the page).

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