Shhh Don’t Tell


My family were joking the other day about how I should write a book about their lives. My response was how did they know I hadn’t already?

 Quite a lot of things I’ve seen, done or heard about make it into my books. Never something in its entirety like someone’s life story, but definitely elements.

For example, in Songbird, when Brierly and Forest go to the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC, I chose that place because it was somewhere I had been and enjoyed. The things they see are things I have also wandered around.


Proof I was in Washington DC, just a little white house.

 In Gifted, most of the spooky things that happened were stuff my family and I went through when we lived in a very haunted house. Pretty much all our experiences made it into the book, winding through the story.

 For anyone who has read the Hairy Tail series, you’ll know that the dog Billy was based on my dog Tom. His personality matches down to the tee, as was his story about how he came to be at the shelter.

 I could go on and on with examples, but that would be giving away all my secrets. Just remember, whatever happens to me can always be my inspiration. So if you find yourself reading and think that it sounds like you, perhaps it actually is you.

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