Fashion Diva

If you loved the Star Kissed Series, you are going to love my next short release – The Fashion Series. Trust me on this, I wouldn’t lie.


The Fashion Series starts with The Fashion Fraud and introduces us to fifteen year old Truly Winx, wannabe fashion extraordinaire. Truly has attitude, she has ambition, and all she wants to be in the world is a fashion designer.


Jane Davis, on the other hand, wants none of these things. Jane is a neglected book nerd, preferring the company of fictional characters to real humans. But there is one thing she is supremely good at – sewing.


Do you see where I’m going with this? Huh? Do you? Truly has the creative while Jane has the technique. Together, they are unstoppable. If they can get along, anyway. They happen to not like each other. Which is a pity, really.


I love Truly for her unshakable spirit. I love Jane because she’s meticulous. I love the Fashion Series as it’s been so much fun to write.


Look out for the Fashion Series, coming later in the year. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay updated with new releases. Look to your right for the sign up box.



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