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Well, we’re into week 3 of my month-long celebrations. My Facebook followers would already be aware (they got a sneak peek), that something really special to me was released this week.


Ever wondered what Lochie was doing in Project Integrate when Amery wasn’t around? Well, wonder no more! I have written a short story from Lochie’s perspective, giving a few details on what was going on inside his mind during a few pivotal moments.

The story, “Broken”,┬átakes place at the end of Divide and the beginning of Conquer so it’s best read after Conquer to avoid spoilers. You can find it here for free for all reading formats. This is my gift to you for making Project Integrate such a success.


Some things you don’t know about Broken:

- I wrote it all in one sitting.

- I was supposed to be writing something else at the time but Lochie would not get out of my head. He demanded to tell his story, so what’s a girl to do?

- I always knew this was what Lochie did, but I figured nobody else knew so I should probably share.


And remember, there is still time to enter the competition to win any 3 of my books:

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