Time to Celebrate!

Eighteen months ago, I committed myself fully to being an Indie Author. I strategized, I wrote my butt off, I started working twenty-four/seven on being the best writer I possibly could be. My single dream was for people to read my books and enjoy them. That’s it. Never has it been about anything else.


Flash forward to today, and I have achieved a milestone I never thought I would. I have officially sold 150,000 books. Which means people have read my stories. And hopefully enjoyed them too.


This is a huge, big deal for me. Because behind the scenes, nobody sees all the hours I dedicate to this. Writing is my life, my passion, and my art. I say what I want to through my characters, they keep me sane when sometimes nothing else does, they are inspiration for everything.

So, enough of all the sappy stuff, I want to celebrate by thanking YOU, the readers. Without you, there is nobody reading my stories and no point in writing them. I am grateful for each and every one of you.


I have officially declared June the month of happiness. There will be so much good stuff coming your way, it won’t even fit in one blog post. All I can say is that if you are not following me on Facebook, you will miss out on some very cool stuff. So follow me right now here.


To kick things off, I’m giving away books. How does your choice of any 3 of my books sound? You can choose any 3, it’s up to you. Enter below:

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  • H.S. Stone
    08 Jun 2014

    Congratulations, Jamie! Keep up the great work, and here’s to the next 150,000 books sold!

    • Jamie Campbell
      09 Jun 2014

      Thanks H.S.! It’s all thanks to wonderful people like you :-)

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