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Soar is out this Saturday! All the hard work has been done and it is ready and raring to go.


Soar – the fourth book in the Project Integrate Series – picks up a few weeks after Conquer left off. The whole gang are there, along with a few new faces to add to the mix.


What can you expect from Soar? Let’s see:

- Get to know Amery’s birth parents

- Learn more about the planet Trucon

- Find out if Lochie and Amery are getting along

- Discover more about Garrick than you’d everĀ imagine

- See more of the Lolasher relationship


It’s all fun and games until someone is accused of murder. Here’s this week’s teaser:

Can you guess who is saying what? Here’s a hint, Lochie is not the one doing the ogling.

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