Who let the secret out?

Okay guys, this isn’t funny anymore. I can’t get away with ANYTHING!


A few weeks ago I secretly put up a pre-sale for my book LOVE SONGS. For those long-term readers, you would know I have blogged heavily about this book.


LOVE SONGS is about a shy sixteen year old who keeps a songbook like she would a diary. She throws everything in there, singing about everything she can’t say. Unfortunately, her secret songbook doesn’t say secret forever.


So…. getting back to my point… I┬áput the book up for pre-sale in preparation for the big launch event starting in December and ending when it is actually released in January. This was so I could get my links etc working beforehand.


But you guys! You’ve found it and have started making the orders! So I guess the secret is out now, so I’ll tell everyone else about it. For those that haven’t been stalking me, you can find all the details below:


- Amazon Pre-Sale

- Add to your Goodreads shelf.


It’s on sale too at the introductory price of only 99c (Regular price will be $3.99 after it is actually released). Thanks everyone, you know I love you all and it makes me so happy to see that you want to read my books. I hope LOVE SONGS is the best one yet.

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