A Hairy Tail Series

The Hairy Tail Series is a series of novelettes that revolve around fifteen year old Hannah and her summer volunteering at an animal rescue shelter.


A Hairy Tail 1

Hannah needed a project to get her through the long sum mer. Signing up at the local animal shelter, she finds exactly what she needs in the sad, lost dog Basil.

She sets her sights on finding his owner, promising him he would be reunited with his family. What she didn’t anticipate was being distracted by her gorgeous co-volunteer, Harry.

Overcoming her inner shyness, Hannah needs to reel in Harry the hottie, find Basil’s owner, and try to be a normal teenager for her mother. And do all this before the summer ends.

Love, paws, and fur balls abound in this fun short story that is bound to make your tail wag. Get your copy for free here for kindle and here for all other formats.


A Hairy Tail 2

Hannah and Harry continue their summer working at the animal shelter. With dozens of kittens needing homes, they certainly have their work cut out for them.

When a series of dogs are reported missing, Hannah worries that there might be more to their disappearances than meets the eye. She starts investigating, trying to get to the bottom of it.

Dealing with her first official date with Harry, too many kittens to handle, and a mother intent on sending her crazy, Hannah has her hands full.

In the second instalment of the Hairy Tail series, find out how Hannah is spending her summer. A fun tale that will have you begging and rolling over for more. Get your copy here for kindle and here for all other formats.

A Hairy Tail 3

In the third instalment of the Hairy Tails series, the Mapleton Animal Shelter is under threat of closure. Needing some serious cash, they must set their sights on fundraising.

Joined at the shelter by new volunteer Jessie, who has eyes for Harry, Hannah is plunged into a crazy world of jealously. She either has to fight for her beau or let Jessie win. And Hannah hates losing.

Fighting for the future of the rescue animals, Hannah is challenged in ways she could never have planned for. Can they keep the shelter open? Or will she lose everything, including her first love?

A moving tale that will have your ears pricked up and belly scratching until the end. Get your copy here for kindle and here for all other formats.


A Hairy Tail 4

Fresh from her break up, Hannah finds herself treading on new ground as she tries to handle the exotic creatures, her new weird friendship with Jessie, and mending her broken heart.

Drowning in snakes and lizards, Hannah and the team set out to discover exactly who could be missing such strange and terrifying pets. What she uncovers could never have been imagined, but it will be enough to reunite her with Harry?
An ending to a tale that will have you performing tricks for more treats right to the last word. Get your copy here for kindle and here for all other formats.


A Hairy Tail Collection

The entire Hairy Tail series in one convenient location. Get your copy here in all formats.


 Another Hairy Tail

Hannah, Veronica, Coco, and all the animals are back for another summer of fun, fur, and felines.

Three years after the summer Hannah met Harry at the Mapleton Animal Shelter, she has now graduated high school and landed herself an internship at the Mapleton Regional Zoo.

Determined to learn as much about the animals as possible during the summer before she starts College, Hannah throws herself into her new role. Yet there are a few surprises in store for her, only one being the highly distracting zookeeper Logan. Not to mention a blast from the past.

Teeth, paws, and claws abound in this new series based on the original Hairy Tails. Continue on with Hannah’s story as she learns a lot about herself and her heart.

Get your copy here for kindle and here for all other formats.

Another Hairy Tail 2

There is excitement brewing at the Mapleton Regional Zoo with the arrival of an endangered panda bear. It can only mean one thing: Logan and Hannah are tasked with the animal’s care and must work as a team.

With Hannah and Logan spending so much time together, Harry starts to realize he will need to fight for his girl’s heart.

What will Hannah’s decision be? To follow her heart with her first love, or fall under the zookeeper’s spell? Only the animals know and they aren’t talking.

Cuteness and fluffiness abound in the second installment of the new series based on the original Hairy Tails.

Get your copy here for kindle and here for all other formats.

Another Hairy Tail 3

It’s baby time at the Mapleton Regional Zoo which can only result in animal chaos.

With so many baby penguins, monkeys, tigers, and bears being born at the one time, the zoo is buzzing with excitement and hard work. While Hannah is trying to keep up with Logan and his mad vet skills, she also has a feeling something is wrong.

As the summer progresses and her relationship with Logan intensifies, Hannah must remember that not everything was supposed to last forever.

Babies, cubs, and chicks abound in the next installment of the Hairy Tails series that will have you awwwing at all the heart-warming cuteness.

Get your copy here for kindle and here for all other formats.

Another Hairy Tail 4

As the summer comes to a close at the Mapleton Regional Zoo, there is still plenty of action to keep Hannah, Alicia, and Harry on their toes.

With the recent departure of Logan, there is a new head vet in town. And making friends is not his first priority. Will the interns live up to his high expectations? And can Hannah shake off her bad first impression?

There are plenty of changes happening for Hannah as she prepares to leave the zoo and start a new life at college. Her only question is should she follow her heart?

Love, loss, and laughter abound in the final instalment in the Hairy Tail series that will have your ears twitching and leg shaking.


(5) Comments

  • Natalie
    24 Dec 2014

    Is there going to be another story in the Hairy Tails series? I wanna know who she ends up with…. I just gotta know!!!

    Thanks Jaime, again, for mentioning me in your acknowledgments in Rise!!! I really loved that series and it was very bittersweet to see it come to an end.

    • Jamie Campbell
      06 Jan 2015

      Hi Natalie, thank you for the comment :-)

      Yes, there will be more in the Another Hairy Tail series. They will be published this year.

  • nina kwok
    29 Mar 2017

    what are the lives of Harry & Hannah after their lives in colleges. Are they still together ? Is it going to have some more books about them for their lives?
    I read all this series books. They are all good:)

    • Jamie Campbell
      29 Mar 2017

      Hi Nina, I’m so glad you enjoyed the series. I have no plans at the moment to continue out into another series, however if there is enough demand then I’ll get writing :-)

  • Hollly
    27 Apr 2017

    I love the series, I am sad to see that you are done writing them, I would really like it if you could write more. Please.

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