“There have always been rumours about that house.”

Charlie and Blair are spending the summer in Sage Manor. Their mission was to renovate the old house, but the spirits lurking in the shadows have other plans. In the dark rooms of Sage Manor, ghosts loom. Some are good, some are evil. And they are all playing havoc with the current residents.

One will go to great lengths to protect their secret. One will beg for help. The other will use her power to protect the living. What happens when all three meet is horrifying and will permanently scar the group. They need to expose the murderer before the murderer silences them for good.

Sage Manor hides a secret, one kept buried for over two hundred years. Evil stalks the corridors and will go to great lengths to protect the past, even if that means repeating history. Don’t think ghosts can hurt you? Think again. Having the gift of speaking to the dead is not something you can turn off.

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What the readers are saying:

“I cannot emphasise how much I enjoyed reading this book and have already bought Ashes to Ashes. I think Jamie Campbell is a natural at weaving intriguing tales and I look forward to reading more from her. This is the best paranormal mystery I have read in a while.” – Babus Ahmed

“From the first page I was dragged into the story and wanted to know what happens to the characters. It’s an easy and entertaining book to read with enough plots twists to keep you guessing till the end.” – Paul Colley

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