Everyone Lies.

Nobody can lie to Amelia Landau, she hears the truth despite their best efforts. When she hears a man confess to the murder of a child, she knows he is lying and must do something to catch the real killer.

Convincing Detective Leo Michaels to take up the case, together they are thrust into a shady world of drugs, murder, and endless lies.

Can they catch the real killer before their time is up? Find out in this thriller where the truth is hard to come by.

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(2) Comments

  • Lisa
    09 Dec 2014

    I loved this story. Great mystery and great characters. Is it going to be a stand alone or will we see more of Amelia and Leo?

    • Jamie Campbell
      10 Dec 2014

      Hi Lisa, I’m so glad you enjoyed Liar. At the moment the story is stand alone, but I would like to see more of Amelia and Leo investigate other crimes in the future. Watch this space.

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