Tainted Magic

The Fae Queen must die.

Shae Howard’s time to join the Queen’s Army is up. Since she didn’t enlist, she is now one of the most wanted Fae in Oleda’s Hollow. She had her escape all planned, but her best friend decided join the army instead.

With nothing but a tag-along human named Evan to hinder her, Shae makes it her mission to save her best friend from a war he shouldn’t want to fight. But Evan isn’t what he seems, and now she can’t get rid of him. It’s possible she secretly doesn’t want to, but it’s forbidden for humans and Fae to be together.

With the mysterious Evan by her side, Shae will fight the Fae Queen for everything she believes in, including her heart.

Tainted Magic is a standalone contribution to the Charmed Legacy Dark Fae Hollows collection. Stories can be read in any order. To learn more, visit CharmedLegacy.com

You can grab your copy here for Kindle.


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