The Keeper of Secret Things

The Biggest Secret She Keeps is her Own.


The residents of Lakeside have many secrets to tell. And they confide them all to Blossom Rae. Having just moved into town with her family, she quickly earns a reputation as the mute girl, the one who won’t tell your secrets.


But it is the secret Blossom is keeping for herself that is the most important. Silenced by him after the Incident, she refuses to break the promise she made and place her family in immediate danger. Her lips will remain firmly closed.


With him being spotted in Lakeside, Blossom decides to take the fight to him instead of always watching over her shoulder. Because some secrets just can’t remain secrets forever.


In the second novel in the Keeper Series, discover what the teenagers of Lakeside are really capable of. You will rethink keeping all those secrets to yourself in the future.

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